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Property Name
City Lucca
State, Province, Region Lucca
Country Italy
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Type Luxury Villas
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Brief Description A unique real estate and business opportunity
Detailed Description of Business The property represents a unique real estate investment opportunity in Italy. Currently being used mainly for receptions and ceremonies.

"Villa" is located in the earth of Tuscany and spreads out in the plain for 165,50 kmq, being thus considered one of the biggest rural municipalities of Italy.The territory presents a central flat area and two hilly sections towards north where situated along the "Route of Wine and Oil", surrounded by the landscape of the hills.

“Villa”, is renowned as one of the most important and beautiful villa of Italian countryside and was built at the beginning of 1600 by one of the most important and noble families of Tuscany. The Villa extends over an area of more than 2,000 sqm, and has a gorgeous cellar filled with durmast barrels. According to eighteenth-century witnesses, this villa was created by a French architect at the beginning of the XVII century and was used as summer residence and place of diplomatic meetings.

This villa and its apartments are perfectly preserved in their ancient splendor within the vast park of over 16,000 sqm. Among its secular trees and meadows, we find one in English style which has recently been restored. The general state of maintenance and repair is very good.

The 4-floor villa has a masonry structure and it is covered with a pitched roof. Inside the Villa the majority of the interiors (walls and vaults) are painted by renowned artists. These frescos have a very high artistic and material value. The property garden is characterized by historic plants and trees. Internal premises are characterized by very good quality materials: wooden windows, floors are paved with ceramic, parquet and marble. 

This villa is indeed a unique property and among the most important villas of Tuscany.

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